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  X HOUSE, Bom Sucesso, 2004/2009
PROJECT: X HOUSE Plots 177-182
PROJECT STATUS: Built: 178, 179 and 182
LOCATION: Óbidos – Herdade do Bom Sucesso, Design Resort, Leisure & Golf
ARCHITECTURE: Madalena Cardoso de Menezes and Francisco Teixeira Bastos
COORDINATION: Madalena Cardoso de Menezes
PLOT AREA: ± 8611,13 Sqm
PROJECT DATE: 2004 - 2006
COLLABORATORS: Ana Botelho, Sérgio Hipólito, Sofia Tavares da Silva, Sérgio Xavier (3D model)
STRUCTURES: Carlos Delfim, Engenharia de Estruturas, Lda.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

On these plots, the rooftop gardens prescribed by Quinta do Bom Sucesso's master plan were shaped like an "X", forming the fifth elevation of the construction. This fact presided over all the decisions when drawing the villa, and caused the rooftop plan to extend beyond the façade plans.
Inhabitable areas of shade were thus created, marking the transition from the interior to the plot's various exterior areas.
This way of making use of the available ground is meant to create four different exterior spaces. To the southeast lies the access to the house and to the private parking area. The western sector of the plot holds the terrace and the garden which serves the living rooms. The eastern strip is the private area which serves the bedrooms.
The house's single volume is organized, from the entrance, around a central distribution space that works as a defining theme for the interior of the whole villa. Thus, starting from there and in close connection with the rooms, we reach the various divisions, which strive for differentiated relationships with the exterior.
The suite and both bedrooms are aligned at 45º, pointing northeast. They display a phase difference due to the distances corresponding to their widths. So each room has a triangular terrace, resulting from the outward extension of the walls that define the interior spaces and reflect the light from the south throughout the day.
The interconnected living rooms look out, through large glass panels, towards southeast and west, where the plot's most withdrawn area lies.
Finally, the service area forms a marginal volume that extends right up to the street, ensuring a functional relationship between the kitchen and the entrance/living room, and also between the laundry and the walled service yard.
The six villas in a row create a mode of occupation that makes the most of the interior spaces' potentialities and of the close rapport with the near exterior area.
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