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2-BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES, Bom Sucesso, 2008
PROJECT STATUS: Preliminary Design
LOCATION: Óbidos – Herdade do Bom Sucesso, Design Resort, Leisure & Golf
ARCHITECTURE: Madalena Cardoso de Menezes and Francisco Teixeira Bastos
COORDINATION: Madalena Cardoso de Menezes
PLOT AREA: 4.163 Sqm
PROJECT DATE: 2007 - 2008
COLLABORATORS: Ivo Mateus, Sofia Tavares da Silva, Sérgio Xavier (3d model)
MODELLS: Ana Pinheiro, Carlos Correia and Ivo Mateus
STRUCTURES: A400 – Projectistas e Consultores de Engenharia Civil, Lda.

The plot is located on the eastern slope of the green that contains Hole Nr. 2 of the Phase III Resort Golf Course. This slope rises more than 40m, with the height difference within the plot reaching a maximum of about 5m - from the highest point to the south, at the meeting of two streets, to the northern boundary which defines the pedestrian path in conjunction with plot 415.
The intention behind this project's concept was that of giving a sense of unity to the whole construction and at the same time of generating for all units the same conditions of solar exposure and privacy.
Also, three principles were established to guide the development of the project: to make the construction look away from the northern sector and plot 415, which contains the solar panel technical area; to "discover the south" inside the houses; and to place on the north-eastern corner the swimming pool, as a favourite area for social intercourse.
The zigzag shape of the building - obtained by placing the housing units at right angles and by alternating the positions of their respective terraces – creates a sequence of gardens, one for each home, in continuity with the street and the remaining garden area of the plot. In this way the whole ensemble, including the private gardens, is protected from the north wind, and the houses' terraces enjoy wide vistas of the golf course, to the east, and of the sea, to the west.
Based on this, we establish a construction typology that alternates between one and two storeys. The parking and storage areas of each unit define the volumes of the base, while the living areas are located on the upper floor.
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